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My thanks to everyone who has helped with this website. ~ Stephen Fryer


Old photographs are notoriously difficult to attribute and it is not my intention to deliberately infringe anyone's copyright. Any old photographs used here have been put here in good faith. I make every attempt to locate the orginal source and will remove any photo if advised to do so. Many of the old photos appear in several books on the subject of Harrowbeer Airfield.

Written Information:

Written information is from:
Airfield Focus ~ Harrowbeer by Jerry Brewer (now out of print)
Harrowbeer Airfield by Dennis Teague (all original copies now sold out. The HIG published a revised edition of this book in 2011, and further update was done in 2014. Copies of this book are available direct from the HIG or from any good bookshop)

Individual Acknowledgements:

Jerry Brewer - Author of Airfield Focus
GMS Enterprises - The Publishers of the Airfield Focus Series of books
Daryl Jago & The estate of the late Dennis Teague
Michael Hayes (Knightstone Tea Rooms, Yelverton)

Brian Salt - for spending hours making up the then/now 'anfy-fade' shots, plus redrawing all our maps!
Dr Ian Bentley
Members of the Harrowbeer Interest Group

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