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The RAF Harrowbeer Interest Group (HIG) are happy to help with questions relating to the airfield where we are able. The history of the airfield has been covered in several publications over the years, however as far as we are aware, most books (apart from our own) are now out of print. Copies may be available from a second hand bookshop in your area, or from your local library. Our book is available from bookshops or direct from us via the email address below.

The HIG (which was formed out of a common interest in the history of the Airfield) now has a growing archive which may have the answer you are looking for. We have been able to answer a number of unusual questions recently! Such is the power of the Internet. It thus goes without saying, that the HIG are keen to hear from anyone who worked, served, visited, flew from, landed at, took photographs of, or lived near RAF Harrowbeer whilst it was still open. Any snippet of information is valuable as no matter how insignificant you think it might be, your information may confirm, or add to, someone else's!

Did you serve at Harrowbeer Airfield? Do you have any photos etc., that you would let me use on this site, or that we could add to the Group's archive? If so, please send us an email to.

The current email address (Jan 2017) is: info@rafharrowbeer.co.uk

Please put "RAF Harrowbeer" (without quotes) at the start of the subject line.

Note that this replaces all previous email addresses.

Stephen Fryer (Jan 2017)