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Many of Harrowbeer's building bases still remain and it is possible to pick your way around the Airfield, identifying what was what. However, there are a few puzzling things we have found whilst walking the Airfield and we show them here in the hope that someone will reconise it/them and be able to tell us what they are. So, if you think you know what any of the below are, please send us an email. Details on the 'Contacts' page.

Apr 2012. We still haven't really resolved most of these. The pad (third down) is the one that bugs me most! Somebody must know what it was used for???

Puzzle Pictures

OK! Here's a good one. This photo says it's Harrowbeer in the Summer. But is it? No leaves on the tree in the background, and is that a blister hangar on the right? If someone can line this up 'on the ground' I'd like to hear.

Photo is from "Spitfire in Action" by Jerry Scutts

March 2009: Steve Marks of Saltash told us....

"Regarding the picture of Spitfire MK126 at "Harrowbeer"

I believe the picture was actually taken at Bradwell Bay in the winter of 1944, not Harrowbeer.

My father was a mechanic with 126 squadron at Culmhead, Bradwell Bay and Bentwaters from 1944 until it was disbanded in 1946, and had similar pictures in his possession before he passed away over 20 years ago.
I have no idea what happened to the pictures, unfortunately, otherwise I would have gladly passed them on to you."

Many thanks Steve!

This 'hole' is near the Bomb Store, (which is behind the photgrapher). The square shape is beautifully built with red brick, then there is a huge concrete slab (back right) and what appears to be a newish lump of concrete (to the right of the gorse bush) built over the front. Could this be an air-raid shelter for those working in the Bomb Store?

These two enormous blocks are 'dumped' near the Motor Transport Section. But what the heck are they for???? They are made of concrete and look like giant wheel chocks! The coke bottle gives an idea of the size. It has been suggested that they may be some form of framework for the storage of drums of fuel or oil?

We really would like to solve this one!

This raised 'pad' is built into the arm of one of the dispersal bays on the eastern side of the airfield. It has a small access ramp leading up to it from behind. It looks like a landrover sized vehicle could fit on it but what is it for?
(N.B. one of the western bays has a similar 'pad' in one arm)

So far it has been suggested that it is:

1) a radar site - where a small vehicle with the radar would be driven onto the pad, then camouflage netting put over it using poles in the castellations (below). It may be possible to find the 'earth mats' which would have been put onto the ground here.

2) a Bofors gun position. These were large guns which would NOT have been in the figure of eight concrete thingies in the arm of the dispersal bays.

3) (my own idea!) A 'local control' site, where a van with radio communication would have controlled aircraft movements in the immediate vicinity, as they are a long way from the view of the control tower.

This concrete 'castellation' runs around the top (and to the right) of the arm mentioned above. It has equally spaced holes for something (the dark smudges near the tree) but what?

A side view of the pad, showing the steep access ramp at the rear (left of picture)

Found to the North of the Airfield, and just outside the perimeter fence. This large square hollow is man-made, with a large mound along the Northern edge. The mound has two roundish holes in it, (where the two figures are standing). But what is the for????

These little brick 'squares' are in excatly the same spot on each of the centre arms of the blast bays, (one on each side). But what function did they perform???? Was there a wooden box standing on the base with a fire extinguisher in it??

Jan 08 - from a photo it would appear that they had either a sand bucket or a fire extinguisher in them, but no cover.

Not really a puzzle, but can anyone confirm that these are, indeed the base of an Anti-Aircraft gun position?? Why the figure of eight shape? Two guns facing in opposite directions perhaps??

March 2009: These are indeed anti-aircraft gun positions. We've seen drawings of guns designed to fit into these. They also fitted the same way in the gun emplacements below.

More concrete rings. These are at the edge of the Airfield, overlooking Horrabridge, (to the right). There is a taxi-way to the left and the rings are literally on the top of the rubble bank that the airfield is built on. Note the coke bottle for size. It's the same one as above but as you can see, all this exploring is thirsty work!!!!